Important Loss of another key department head .... Are we going to get an ambulance?

2 years 6 months ago #1 by mcbee
So, now things just got interesting, and scary. I was told that the Ambulance Director Gary Zirpolo resigned. Didnt I read, not to long ago, that he was doing 90 to 100 hours a week? Who is going to cover these shifts, why did he resign? His facebook page said he took a job as a paramedic in Massachusetts . Why would someone go from being in charge of an ambulance service back to being a paramedic?

Sounds like he got run out of town. I have never met Gary personally, but in asking my friends, he seemed very competent and great to work with and work for.

I hope I get an ambulance if I need one!

How many more people are we going to loose in town before the administration of this town gets their head out of their ass!!!!

I hope he reconsiders, or the town figures out how to keep him in town.

His facebook page said ...

Gary Zirpolo
July 12 at 3:32pm

Ok, since I have been busy and haven't gotten a chance to send emails or make phone calls and people are posting stuff .... here it is

It is with a heavy heart that I have tendered my resignation as Chief of Department and Health Officer of the Town Of Wilton Ambulance. This is effective close of business Tues 7/25.

I have accepted a position in Massachusetts as a field paramedic.
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2 years 5 months ago #2 by CoffeeJoe
When it comes to the decisions that have been made recently that resulted in pushing out department heads, here is the reality that people seem to overlook.

In the case of Chief Dick, our long time Fire Chief there were a number of additional duties that he performed for the department that nobody even realized. Inspection, maintenance and certification of equipment which now must be done by external companies on contract. This alone has increased the cost of operations by more than 50,000.00 this year alone. Town Hall didn't even know half of what Chief Dick did for the town, and didn't care to ask before pushing him out the door.

Likewise, Chief Zirpolo performs much of the same for both equipment and maintaining the certification levels of our Ambulance Department Staff. A few years ago, the Chief started a third rider program that has brought a tremendous number of new members of the service. The Chief and his staff have held EMT Classes, refreshers and continuing education sessions as part of his duties and dedication to the department. In addition, he has continuously run CPR classes to provide and maintain required certifications for our Fire and Police, along with the staff at our local schools and even offers classes to private citizens and local health care workers.

All of these efforts have brought several new EMT's into the department and maintained required certifications for members of other Town departments at little or no cost to the town.

This is not just about saving money, both Chief Dick and Chief Zirpolo brought their extensive experience to the job, along with a level of dedication that is hard to find and will be nearly impossible to replace. Because of their efforts and dedication our Town has benefited tremendously.

Due to the lack of foresight that has been shown by Town Hall, and the lack of understanding of what it takes to operate these departments effectively. The Town has already been hit with tremendous financial costs and the loss of people who put their heart and soul into what they did for the town. These costs, both financial and personnel-related will continue to grow until something is changed within Town Hall, the Board of Selectman and our new Town Administrator.

Personal agendas have no place in Emergency Services, it puts the safety and security of our town, our neighbors, our family and our friends in jeopardy.

What will it take to get people to realize what's happening here, and how far does it need to go before the people of Wilton do something about it?

I for one have had enough, and if this is what the town is all about. then maybe I was wrong about Wilton.
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