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Im hearing lots of rumors around town about the ambulance service. I was told that the budget included bringing the salaries of the ambulance people up to where they should be, but the selectman along with the town administrator refused to give the people what was agreed to. If the money is in the budget, and you are not giving it to the deserving ambulance people, then where is the money going? Is the town administrator trying to balance a budget, that he screwed up, on the backs of the people that are coming to save our lives. What does that do to morale?

There is also another rumor about the town manager being such a dick that he is forcing out another department head. Our ambulance chief has been here since 2009 and was with WLT Ambulance well before that. I did not want to believe this until someone told me that he put a copy of a Massachusetts Paramedic Certification on facebook. Why would a New Hampshire ambulance chief need a Massachusetts certification? I have dealt with Chief Zirpolo when he came and took me to the hospital, him and his staff were nothing but professional, and his cheerful demeanor and great bedside manor was very comforting in my time of need.

We as a town need to start questioning what is going on in town government before we loose even more quality people.
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Why would people be harassing our ambulance service? They are wonderful

I don't know the names of the people, but when I had to call an ambulance they were very kind and compassionate. They brought my mother to the hospital and it was a very scary time for all of us. One of the EMTs explained what was going on and seemed very knowledgeable about what they had to do. Everything was explained and my mom was treated with respect and given very good treatment. She was angry and confused, so I am sure it wasn't easy for them.

That was a much different experience than the time we had to deal with an ambulance out of Nashua. When we had to move my Mom to a rehabilitation center and they brought her there by ambulance, the people didn't seem interested in much more than getting her in and out. Maybe they were having a bad day or something, but it wasn't a pleasant experience for my Mom or I.

If you're reading this, a big hug and thank you to our EMTs here in Wilton. I will make sure to say thank you next time I see you around town.
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