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The last few years have brought some radical changes to the small town of Wilton New Hampshire, some of these changes have been very public while others have held more subtle tones. While change can be a good thing for a community, there has been a growing level of concern about the changes which have been happening and the decreasing level of disclosure in the decision making process within Town Hall.

While all public figures face criticism for their decisions, the direction change which we are seeing as well as the manner in which decisions are being made seem to be creating a rift within the town and have some unintended consequences for the town going forward.

This site was not created to broaden the divide, the purpose of this site is to provide a platform from which we can communication our thoughts and feelings regarding these changes, as well as to provide information and context around some of the things happening in town. The articles which we will be writing on this site contain personal thoughts and opinions about local events, as well as factual information from public record that we hope will inspire discussion among the citizens of Wilton and the surrounding communities.

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In order to share this platform and broaden the discussion instead of just publishing our own thoughts and opinions on these matters, we have created a community forum for everyone to publish their own letters, thoughts questions and ideas.

Thank you for your time, commitment and support in Saving Wilton NH.

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